Maker Space for Jewelry Artisans

This is a collection of models created in support of a proposed jewelry artisan maker space. The client wished to create photorealistic renderings of the space, in part to improve the quality of her presentation to prospective investors, but also to help fire and safety inspectors provide guidance in the placement and use of unfamiliar equipment.  She had settled on eTek’s open-source Sweet Home 3D interior/home design application to create the images, but had not been able to locate appropriate models. The client contacted me through the forum on the eTek website.

At the time I was using SH3D on another project, one that required creation of a number of custom objects, most of which I modeled using Trimble SketchUp. In the process, I had identified and resolved a number of issues concerning the use of SketchUp-originated models in SH3D. Having defined a workflow that provided for the error-free transfer of such models, I had just completed the first draft of a white paper describing the process.

By the time the project was completed, the white paper had doubled in length. I had discovered and provided for another half-dozen infelicities involved in the creation and exportation of SW3D-friendly object models from SketchUp, defined two special-case procedures in support of objects containing transparent or mirror-finished materials, and identified and documented two bugs in SH3D.1

W. Vann Hall •

Note: The models in this collection were optimized for use with eTeks’ Sweet Home 3D interior/home design application and may not always reflect SketchUp ‘best practices.’ I had no access to the objects themselves but instead based my designs upon catalog, promotional, and support documentation available online. While the models should be more than sufficient for space and health-and-safety planning, they may not always reflect the physical object in the highest fidelity. All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners and are included here only for verisimilitude.

Models are provided through Trimble’s 3d Warehouse; as such, their use is governed by the site’s Terms of Use and General Model License.